Perfect is Less than Done

If you don't know "Done is Better than Perfect" is a quote from Mark Zuckerberg and over the past year I've come to understand it more than its surface expression. 99.99% as much as possible uptime. All the security patches in place. Waterfall driven development of politically based features. An environment that conditioned perfection and guaranteed failure. I took a break, did some exploration and came up with what will be here.

I'm not the first persona to write about yoga nor cutting edge technology and software development. It's occurred to me how much they fit together so I'm writing about both; Thus the blog tagline "finding flexibility in software and the body". Maybe some software developers will take up a practice where I've had my best ideas. The best outcome might be if casual yogis become developers. Primarily I'll be writing topics within software development specifically DevOps during the week and on weekends will be lighter fare about the parallels between yoga and DevOps.

I've sat on the idea of this site for a couple months as I finished up teacher training. I was stuck on lots of ideas of my own making. I hadn't written the puppet scripts for my own server, the site didn't load up in sub 4 seconds, the theme I'm using is off the shelf, am I adding anything unique. I frustrated myself not because they weren't things I didn't know, but because precisely I knew how to do them and thus believed these were things on which I would be judged. To be honest when I read a blog I run performance analysis on it. But I had to let that go for myself. This is my lab not a gallery.

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